Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Outsmarting the motion detectors

We waited until the building was mostly empty. We knew this business, this client. Their operations were 24/7. We arrived in the early evening and had already examined the ground and the building plans in detail. We knew our route. The weather had been perfect: rain with wind. This would mask the infrared, mess with the ultrasound. Still, we knew we had to be quick, and our timing had to be good.

We waited 40 yards from a garage exit. We could see the guard shack, but the patrol was out of sight. We waited until a distraction caused the guards to look the other way. We dashed for the ramp. We couldn’t avoid the sensors, but hoped that after a night of false alarms ours would be ignored. We had to get inside the Garage quickly. A car came down the ramp as we dashed up. This might fool the guards on the motion camera; they’d see the car, but not us. Did the driver see us? We were past him in a blink on the blind side, but one look in the mirror would be all it took.

Up the ramp and into the garage. There was another camera straight ahead. Two seconds to pass the camera, we would show for a few frames on a bank of sixteen monitors. Then into the fire escape. The team climbed past the public areas quickly and silently, before the guards could reach the stairwell. We listened for the sound of pursuit while our hearts pounded – tough work for computer jocks.

Part 3 of 7, (to be continued)

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