Friday, July 2, 2010

Always a good idea to keep your BIOS up to date....

Looks like Sony has learned from Dell’s leaky capacitor debacle.

Sony says 535,000 laptops at risk of
More than half a million Sony laptops sold this year contain a software
bug that could lead them to overheat, the company said June 30. Sony has recorded 39
cases of overheating among Vaio F and C series laptops that have been on sale since
January. In some cases, the overheating has led the laptop case to deform. A bug in the
heat-management system of the BIOS software is to blame. Sony is asking users to
either update the software themselves or return their laptops so it can apply the update.
The fault affects 535,000 computers, although Sony is asking a total of 646,000 owners
to update their machines. The additional 111,000 machines are susceptible to several
less serious problems that have also been found in the software, said Sony. BIOS is
present in every PC and runs below the operating system, controlling the most basic
functions of the computer and interaction between major components. It is usually
invisible to users except for a BIOS start-up message that is typically seen when a PC
boots. The problem affects machines sold both in Japan and the rest of the world.
Affected models sold outside Japan are the VPCCW25FG/B, VPCCW25FG/P and

Source: Computerworld