Friday, February 9, 2007

Microsoft Security Response Center Blog

I did want to note that this month, the Thursday before the Second Tuesday is actually the second Thursday of the month. That will be the case for March as well.

We sometimes get people who associate the Advance Notification with the first Thursday of the month, so I wanted to remind folks that it’s actually tied to the second Tuesday, the release day. So, if you have any reminders for today’s notification for March tied to the first Thursday of March, you’ll want to update them to March 8 2007: which is when we’ll make the next Advance Notification.

If that isn’t perfectly clear to you, I recommend further reading.

One item is clear, this will be an important patch event for most Microsoft users. There are a fair number of Critical and Important patches for core operating system and application elements. It would be nice to know which CVE are being addressed .

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