Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Hidden in wait

As we waited, we had time to think and review the plan. To us, the world’s greatest hackers are an unknown. No one knew their names and no one would know their faces. The celebrities in the paper are not the best. For tonight, we had to be the best. Otherwise, our faces would be on tape, and we would just be more bad boys who’d been caught.

We arrived at the target floor. We knew there were cameras everywhere. If they saw us in this area, we’d only have a few minutes before guards arrived. Our next stop was the fire suppression closet.

Now the challenge: we had to build our device. We worked by light reflected through a four-by-eight-inch window. As people left for home, they passed our closet, but we remained undetected.

We’d examined the company’s card key system and checked it on the Web. Card key systems are everywhere and they almost all use the same operating methods.

Part 4 of 7, (to be continued)

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