Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Bad Things

Bad thing #1: Don't take bribes in China.

Bad thing #2: Don't install today's MS Update without backing up!

My woes began early this AM when I installed the patch and rebooted. During start-up Data Execution Prevention (DEP) killed the Malicious Software Removal UI, then svchost, outlook and other applications began giving the choice between terminate and debug. I'd estimate that I have sent dear MS about 100 debug messages in the last four hours. Sweet.

I'm back up now, but I had to relax the settings on DEP before I could get a clean start-up. My intuition is that this is related to the core-duo microcode patch.

Three words: Network Attached Storage.

Without a good backup I'd a been toast. Even with the backup and uninstalling the patches I made a semi-permanent change to DEP's behavior that I have not been able to undo. Ouch.

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