Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Top 10 Reasons Why You Might be a Domestic Terrorist

  1. You believe the Constitution is the highest law of the land.
  2. You believe that absolute power corrupts absolutely.
  3. You believe that all governments regardless of their construction are subject to corruption and abuse of power.
  4. You believe everyone has the right to bear arms.
  5. You believe that everyone has basic rights that may not be infringed.
  6. You believe all persons have equal protection under the law.
  7. You believe the State can not unfairly confiscate your property.
  8. You believe that the State shall not force people to testify against their will.
  9. You believe that you have the right to publicly complain about the government and its policies.

And the number one reason why you might be a home-grown domestic terrorist:

1. You might disapprove of what I have to say, but you will defend my right to say it.

My thanks and appreciation to the Founders, Locke, Hobbes and to the many others who contributed to this list.

Edited to add:
Another Enemy of the People?

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